Superior strength

Paneltim® panels are light, yet solid and rigid making them ideal for fabricated constructions. The sandwich panels are just 51mm thick yet they are rigid in both length and width.
The internal cellular structure, with ribs of either 50 x 50mm or 50 x 100mm, gives the sheets superior strength. Fabrications made from Paneltim® panels require very little reinforcement compared with those made from solid materials.

A wide range of applications

Paneltim® panels are very stable both statically and dynamically and can be installed in a wide range of environments.
They are also ideal for corrosive environments and are completely resistant to practically all chemical substances. The panels are suitable for application in environments with temperatures of between –40 °C and +80 °C. In addition, the panels are impact resistant, scratch resistant and highly resistant to dynamic shocks.

Hermetically Sealed

The hermetically sealed internal cells provide exceptional insulating and acoustic properties and remain
sealed in the event of a single-sided penetration or puncture.
The sealed cells and smooth surfaces repel dirt, moisture and aggressive chemicals making Paneltim® structures hygienic and easy to clean. There is no risk of internal condensation developing inside the sheets.

Environmentally responsible

Paneltim® panels are an environmentally friendly product manufactured from new and recycled polypropylene and polyethylene. The panels are fully recyclable without loss of original raw material qualities.
They are free of toxic substances and conform to European directive 200/09/EC.

Durable materials

Paneltim® panels show no ageing discoloration and no discoloration from contact with ammonia compared with other plastics. UV stabilization is available and fire retardant * can be added to improve flame resistance.
Once the panels are in place there is very little long-term maintenance.

Custom made & delivered

Paneltim® panels can be fabricated in specific size. Standard sheets can be butt-welded together to create panels of almost unlimited dimensions. Sheets can be purchased in pack quantities of twenty (20). Delivery is available anywhere.


Panels are 100% Recyclable

  • Eco-friendly production => cradle to cradle principle
  • No loss of raw material value => Paneltim® panels and slats are 100% recyclable into panels and slats

Unique internal cellular structure

  • Light weight: 10 or 13kg/m²
  • Easy to load: optimal worldwide transport
  • Mirror welding allows to produce practically any requested dimension, four sides closed => flexible and no internal pollution
  • Excellent mechanical and chemical properties
  • High abrasive and impact resistance
  • High floatability

PP and PE

  • Easy to weld using hot air or extrusion welders, butt welders.
  • PP and PE are dirt-repellent => optimal hygiene, no contamination possible
  • Damp-proof: protection against mould etc.
  • Fast and easy to clean with a minimum use of water
  • Virgin PP is food proof and does not leach out plasticizers as PVC does:
  • Adding pigments and/or UV stabilizer enables us to produce any color, also for external use
  • PP Paneltim® panels have a high isolation rate
  • In case of fire, PP does not release toxic and/or poisonous chemicals
  • Possible additives on demand: PPFR (fire retardant), GL (fiberglass),…

Welding constructions

Paneltim® panels are made from polypropylene copolymer (PPCO) or high density polyethylene.
(HDPE), colored in the mass. The panels are light, solid, rigid and very suitable for constructions by different welding techniques.

Sandwich structure

The panels are 50 mm thick and have a sandwich structure. They are very solid in both directions: length and width, due to the unique internal cell structure with ribs by 50/50 mm or by 50/100 mm.

Less reinforcements

Due to the superior strength of the concept of a sandwich panel, constructions made from Paneltim® construction panels require less reinforcements compared with those made from solid panels.

Easy manipulation

Standard Paneltim® panels can be cut and made into any dimension by hot mirror welding. Next to hot mirror welding, the panels are easy to connect using hot air or extrusion welders to make all kinds of constructions.


Paneltim® panels assure excellent mechanical features and good chemical features for certain applications. They have a good impact resistance and are highly resistant to dynamic shocks.


The panels have a high insulation value due to the low thermal conduction of plastic and the
hermetically enclosed air in the cells.


The internal cell structure ensures that all the sides of the panel are always closed (even with customized work) in order to repel dirt, water or other substances. The panels can be cleaned quickly and easily with high pressure water.


Paneltim® panels are made from new or recycled raw materials. They are 100% recyclable, so there is no loss of raw material value. The panels are toxic free and are conform to European directive 2002/95/EC.

Fire class

According to EN ISO 11925-2, the panels are classified under fire class E. Upon request the
panels can have improved fire retardant resistance through the addition of flame retardants.


Options are subject to the addition of additives:
Stabilized with UV:

  • Mid-European (Standard)
  • Worldwide (WW)
  • Flame retardant (PPFR).
  • Fiberglass reinforced